adult training

Your fitness journey is unique. Dedicate your time to a program that matches your specific goals. 

ATHLete training

At Rebel Strength & Performance there is no off-season. Improve agility, strength, mobility, and speed with a training program that matches your specific skills and goals.



"...I really wouldn’t want to train anywhere else."

-Matt G

"...The trainers energy and motivation during sessions is like nothing I’ve ever seen before."

-Danielle J

"..The attention to detail and personalized approach is evident in each training program. The atmosphere and support throughout the group classes provides for a fun yet challenging workout."

-Jimmy P



The Foresight Golf Simulator & The GC Quad Launch Monitor

Experience the Foresight advantage with our world famous GC Quad Launch monitor system. Utilizing cameras at the point of impact, the GC Quad is able to measure all ball and club critical performance factors.

The Quad is impressive but we didn't stop there. It's one thing to want to fix something in your swing but it's so much better when you can see what you want to change. Users will get a live look into what their swing looks like with our slow motion replay, giving you a competitive practice edge this offseason.